First Year Experience

First Year Experience (FYE) is a post-Orientation program at Niagara College.

What is it?

The FYE Curriculum is a tool to help better prepare you for your classes here at Niagara College as well as grow yourself professionally to make you a more appealing candidate when applying for jobs after College. You will have the choice between multiple workshops, events and volunteer opportunities that are meaningful and impactful to you! All of these experiences will go towards completing your FYE Completion badge and your CCR.

Why should I do this?

Completing the FYE Curriculum will:

  • Better prepare you for your classes
  • Enhance your Co-Curricular Record
  • Make you a more appealing candidate when applying for jobs in the future
  • Help you grow yourself as a person, a professional and a member of the Niagara Community

How do I start?

You already have (surprise)! Every first year Niagara College student has automatically been added to the First Year Experience program. Visit and enter your Blackboard login information, and then click on the Curriculum tab. Your progress can be seen here, along with the requirements for each badge.

Examples of First Year Experience badges