Students visit the SAC table
May 4, 2018

Student Essentials Checklist

Things you should have done already...

  • Make your MyNC account.

    If you are having trouble creating your MyNC account or email address, please contact ITS at [email protected]. Please include your student number in the subject line of your email.

  • Read over our Program Delivery Resources.

    Read over our Program Delivery Resources to understand how your courses will be delivered.

  • Pay your fees.

  • Have you completed the above 3 items?

    If you haven’t already completed the above three checklist items please contact Enrolment Services as soon as possible. Email [email protected] and include your name, student number, phone number and a detailed inquiry. In most cases they will respond by email, but will phone you if necessary.

  • Mark your calendar for timetable selection.

    Please note: Timetable selection opens on different days for different programs. Find your program selection date on the Fall 2022 Timetable Selection Schedule and mark it in your calendar!

  • Create your MyNC e-mail address.

    If you are having trouble creating your MyNC account or email address, please contact ITS at [email protected]. Please include your student number in the subject line of your email.

  • Join our New Student Facebook Group.

Things to do before you start classes...

  • Submit a photo for your Student ID Card.

    Student ID cards will be mailed directly to your door this term! They will only be mailed to valid Canadian addresses. Please check your MyNC contact information to ensure your mailing address is correct, as this is the address your ID card will be mailed to.

    To get started, learn about how to submit your student ID card photo.

    Please remember to follow the guidelines listed for photo submission. Here are some additional tips:

    • Please use a laptop or desktop to submit your photo – NOT YOUR PHONE!
    • The system works best on Google Chrome.
    • You will get a notification to your NC email if your picture was successfully submitted and is processing.
    • Remember that you will need to have paid your $250 deposit (domestic students) or full term fees (international students) in advance to log on to the system.

    If you have tried all the tips above and the system is still not working for you, please email [email protected] with your student number and ID picture to request assistance

  • Connect with Accessibility Services if you need an accommodation.

    Health, Wellness & Accessibility Services provides support and accommodations for students with permanent or temporary disabilities. Students are required to self-identify in order to access their services.

    Connect with our Accessibility Team BEFORE classes to ensure you have all the support and accommodations you need to start in May.

    *If you had an IEP in high school, you will want to connect with the Accessibility Team! No student information is shared between educational institutions.

  • Financial Aid Information

    OSAP Students: For information on funding amounts and when you will receive your funds, log onto the OSAP website ( using your OAN number and password. Click on ‘Check Status’ to ensure all required documents are approved. In order to receive funding at the start of term, we encourage you to apply at least 4 weeks prior to your start date. Scholarship and bursary applications and deadlines are available online by visiting

    International Students: Don’t forget to apply for entrance scholarships and check out what other financial resources are available to you!

  • Get your Textbooks and Supplies

    You can see what textbooks and supplies you’ll need for your courses after you have selected your timetable through MyNC. When it comes to purchasing your supplies, you can buy online through our Campus Bookstore, or any other online retailers. Treat buying textbooks and supplies like shopping for fun items – find the best deal! Use your resources to find the best deal online or in person, as long as you are purchasing the correct item!

    Don’t know which books to buy? Don’t worry! Most faculty upload their resource list to Blackboard closer to the start of classes, and typically give you additional time to purchase the items you need.

  • Get familiar with how you will learn online at NC.

    We know this semester will be different, so prepare yourself by getting familiar with our online learning resources!

    Check out the LauNCh: Get Started at NC Guide. This guide was designed to help lauNCh you into your studies with confidence.  It is organized into four sections:

    In each section, you’ll find step-by-step instructions, helpful tips, videos, links and other resources. By working through this guide you will become familiar with important systems, digital learning platforms, campus support services, and all the other things you need to know to be successful at NC!

    Also, check out The Library & Learning Commons (LLC) website, which has a variety of resources to help you navigate learning online. It can put you in contact with helpful Library staff. They cover some strategies and provide tools that will help you be successful learning online, including support with motivation, help using technology, and techniques for effective studying. The Library offers a wide range of support for students academically.

  • Get to know your Academic Advisor.

    An Academic Advisor provides specific information about your program and helps you adjust to college life by connecting you with additional supports. To find out who your Advisor is, go to You can meet with your Academic Advisor virtually by video chat, phone, or e-mail!

  • Attend your Program Information Orientation!

    Join your Program Coordinator and faculty for a Program Information Session BEFORE classes begin! Your session will be held on campus or online, depending on your program (a few exception apply). Check the schedule for details. Mark your calendars for Tuesday, September 6th and ensure you are available this day.

  • Attend a Co-op Information Session.

    Did you know that as a Co-op student, you have a specific Co-op Information Session in addition to your Program Information Session? That’s right, you will have TWO sessions on Tuesday, September 6th, and you need to attend them both. Valuable details will be shared by the Co-op team that will ensure you are prepared for your next steps and responsibilities as an NC Co-op Student!

    Prior to September 6th, check out the MyCareer Portal and familiarize yourself with all of the co-op resources. To log on, go to (use your MyNC username and password). If you have any questions you can direct them to a Co-op Consultant in your person at your session.

    Check the Co-op Information Session Schedule for details.

  • Sign up for a Peer Tutor.

    Be proactive and sign up for a Peer Tutor – it’s free! Meeting with a Peer Tutor online provides an opportunity for you to get clarification on challenging course material. Your tutor will help explain course content in simplified terms, but you will be required to do all course work on your own. Tutors will not proofread or do your homework for you. Register for Peer Tutoring.

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